Boyanese International Massage is Founder Independently entrepreneur business on higher levels market in Singapore. In year 2017 Boyanese International Massage Created the first business in Singapore of Professional Freelance Mobile Therapist, Founder of Boyanese Company is helping most of the people who have bad medical situation as in back pain, stress tensions, sleep disorders, accident injuries, and more thing.

Although it also Boyanese help our clients to feel the relaxation and enjoying with our professional  excellent treatment.

In year 2018 Boyanese was found business in United Kingdom (LONDON). The company has trade new (Limited) Company.

What are the difference between Boyanese and other normal massage? Why Boyanese?

The difference of Boyanese International Massage we are providing more higher levels of Boyanese Medical Traditional Style. Each of individual massage spa have their own traditional style so to direct on ranking of master is different technique pf learning.

What is the benefit of Boyanese?

What is the Value?

Term and condition of Boyanese Massage is to help our clients cure the medical situation that they have.

Our philosophy gives benefit of the result after the treatment done. The most time it will take between 1 to 2 weeks. The faster is less then 4 days it depends on clients medical situation.

Why Mobile Massage? Why not Spa?

Mobile Massage is more convenient for our clients to stay home and relax. No need to stress out for traffic and use lots of car fuel, The thing is now people are using electronic device so it easy click to search and click to book appointment with our Boyanese Professional Massage weblink. We’re here to serve to our friendly clients.

Our therapist can be there for you within an hour and services are available island wide.

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Immediately Available

Our Therapist Can Be With You Within An Hour And Services Are Available Island Wide.

Well Trained And Professional Team

Only Highly Qualified Therapists Trained In Different Styles Of Massages Are Sent For Each Session.

Worldwide No.1 Out-Call Massage Company

A Complete Professional Massage Service By Leading Out-Call Massage Company In Asia / Europe.

Private And Discretion

100% Discretion And Privacy For Our Clients. Nothing Is More Private Than Having Your Massage In Your Own Home Or Hotel Room.

Transparent Pricing Policy

We Adopt An Open And Transparent Pricing Policy. Our Prices Listed Are Completely With Transportation Charges.

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