The aim of this course is to teach you, the student, about the basics and complete methods used for Swedish massage. You will learn the appropriate movements, and anatomy and physiology as it relates to this course and sequences for general massage routines and a full body relaxation Swedish massage.

Part one – This covers the history of massage, background, general benefits, contra indications, and the equipment and products that are needed. In addition, pre treatment procedures are dealt with and we discuss two methods of covering a client prior to and during a treatment.

Part two – Covers anatomy and physiology of the human body and its body systems as they relate to Swedish massage treatments. This part will also introduce anatomical terms that are commonly used by therapists.Swedish massage movements are explained and how to utilize them in a treatment. We look at a description of general all purpose Swedish massage of each part of the body. In addition, there is a routine for a full body relaxation Swedish massage with full descriptions 

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